Monday, February 4, 2013

Jesus the Christ


We have been teaching this family, the Gumaru family, and they have been progressing really well.  An example of how great they are doing was when we explained a little of the Word of Wisdom to them and left them a pamphlet and told them to read it, and they all really loved their coffee.  All of them in a family of 7, down to the youngest child.  But when we returned to teach the Word of Wisdom, they said, "You told us coffee is bad, and we read that coffee is bad, so we got rid of all our coffee."  We were stunned.   They have been coming to church and praying and are doing better than anyone else I've ever taught.  It's great. 

We had Zone Conference this week and it was about love and inviting people to be baptized and truly living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was good.

I have been studying Third Nephi in personal study, because it's when Jesus comes to the Nephites after His resurrection and all the horrible things that happened to Him in Jerusalem.  I have been fascinated by every aspect of Jesus' life lately.  Obviously, I always have Jesus on my mind, but after reading Jesus the Christ and studying Him this long, it's amazing how overwhelming he was and what he did was, and how it all worked out. As a kid, I always took the idea of Jesus Christ for granted, but now He seems like a real person to me and I understand more and more of Him everyday.  He has Saved us from our sins and Redeemed us of our short- comings.  Because of what He did, we can return to him and our Eternal Father and sit with them in eternal happineness and understanding; if we just look to Jesus for the way back. The Gospel of Jesus Chirst is the purest, truest thing we can come in contact with in this life.  Everything else is made by man, granted there is truth in everything, if you look hard enough, but nothing holds the fullness as His Gospel does. 

I Love you all. Believe all things. Hope all things. Endure all things.

Mahal ko Kayo,

Elder Allen

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