Monday, August 26, 2013

This Week's Answers


How is your new companion?
Elder Llorin is quite easlily the nicest companion I have ever had. He's just so nice. It's ridiculous. 

Do you have any investigators?
We do. Unfortunately, few of them progress. 

What are some of the changes under President Rahlf?
President Rahlf is a lot more strict. He is a great fun guy, but of course he would perfer for us to follow the rules; which i think is perfect. I love the way he is doing things. He knows what to do and he knows how to do it. He and sister Rahlf are some great people.  I don't feel the same love I used to, but hey, no one can replace the Carloses.

How is the zone doing? 
I've been pretty stressed these past weeks trying to hold stuff together. The stress is wearing me out. But I'll figure it out. 

How is your health?
Stress. But besides the side effects of that, I'm a pretty healthy animal. Oh and allergies...

Any flooding related to the most recent typhoons?
Yeah. Lots of it. The water is high. Down in viscaya a barrier fell sending a wall of water toward some Sisters destroying their apartment. Crazy. 

I love you all.

Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Allen

Monday, August 12, 2013

Typhoon Utor

Editor's Note:  Typhoon Utor hit Isabela province in the Philippines yesterday.  Elder Allen is serving in Cauayan in Isabela province.  He checked in to say that he was fine and their area suffered little damage.  Below is a quick summary from the Fox News website:

A powerful typhoon battered the northern Philippines on Monday, toppling power lines and dumping heavy rain across cities and food-growing plains. The storm left at least two people dead and 44 missing.
Typhoon Utor, described as the strongest globally this year, slammed ashore in mountainous eastern Aurora province with sustained winds of 109 miles per hour and gusts of up to 130 mph.
Footage from ABS-CBN TV network showed a woman swept away by a raging river in neighboring Isabela province. The woman waved her hands for help as she struggled to hang on to debris while being buffeted by huge waves in the muddy waters. It was not known what happened to her.

Read more:

Satellite image of Typhoon Utor

Infrared image of Typhoon Utor

As always, the people of the Philippines could use your prayers; as well as Elder Allen and the other missionaries.  This is Elder Allen's fourth Typhoon in his two years in the Philippines.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Friends and Companions

   After having one camera broken, then stolen, then having my replacement camera die, I broke down and spent 5,000 pesos for a camera to finish my mission.  Here are some pictures:

This is Elder Needs, a great missionary from Michigan.  He went home this week with Elder Nay.  I'll see him again when he comes out to BYU.

This is elder Lasay (lass-eye) he was my companion in Jones after Elder Elgan. He's one of my favorite companions. He went home this week as well.

The next is Elders Camain in the back, Llorin in the middle and Marshall. Elder Llorin is my new companion. He will probably be my favorite comp, and hopefully he's my last. He's is my 15th companion.

I love you all.

Elder Allen