Monday, February 18, 2013

The Gumaru Family


Thanks for asking about and praying for the Gumaru's.

The Guramu family consists of tatay(dad) Edision, nanay(mom) Josephine, and their five children; Mikaela (11)f, BJ (9)m, AJ(6)m, Mel(4)f and Heart(2)f. They are progressing wonderfully. Elder Oldem asked President Carlos if we could have a family home evening in the Mission Home with them.  President immediately took that chance to have Elder Ardern of the seventy sit and observe.  So this Satuday night, we are going to teach a lesson with the assistance of President and Sister Carlos, and Elder and Sister Ardern. Plus the Assistants to the President. I'm stressing pretty bad about it, even though I know I shouldn't.   I had a nighmare about it last night. 

Anyways. It looks like they will be baptized on March 9th.  Hopefully, I'll find a member to baptize them. 

That's how they are doing.

I love you all.

Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Allen
Sis. Flory tries balut for the first time.
She downed it like a champ.
I interviewed the young woman in this picture for baptism.

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