Monday, April 30, 2012

Beware "High Blood"


After church. with a giant beetle I found.
On Tuesday this week we went to the mission home for Faith Factor. It was fun, we had a scripture chase type thing in Preach My Gospel and had little challenge things.  I went on splits with Elder Murillo in Jones and showed him around.

I gave a talk in church on Sunday.  I read each verse in Alma 42 and explained each one in detail.  After speaking for a half hour and seeing that everyone was asleep, I stopped at about verse 24.  I bore my testimony and sat down.

My dictionaries. The green one is
very rare and much sought
after by missionaries
Later, during our last 5th Sunday class, Brother Libron, one of the really active people here, fainted in the bathroom, because he had crashed his motorcycle on his way to church. Now he’s in the hospital on oxygen and the locals are really unclear as to what’s wrong.

When someone dies here and the reason wasn’t something obvious like smushed or stabbed or shot, they died of “high-blood”... always “high-blood.”  When you ask how he died of it, they say “because it's hot.”

Well, my family, I love you. I miss you.
That's the Miquez's house. Notice the Swastika over the door.
I asked them about it and they have no idea what it means.
I will see you soon.

The sun keeps shinin',

Elder Allen

Elder Murillo, Sister Abad and me
 at a service project

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