Wednesday, April 18, 2012



The Branch President fishing for coconuts. 
Thank you, family, for that package.  I felt that I had not thanked you enough. That candy was awesome and all delicious. And that towel is so much better than the others I have.  They are so hard to wash by hand. Happy birthday to both Mom and Lexie on the 14th and 17th.

This week we did not get in trouble.  It was great.  We seem to, however, be having a tough time finding investigators.  Everyone here seems to already know what we have to say, and no one want to listen to us.  We could talk to all those people that yell “Hey Joe!” at us and try to speak English.  Jones is just a tough area, but we are doing our best.
The Branch President's 
cute daughter.

My favorite food out here is Halo-Halo. It means Mix-Mix. It’s a bunch of fruit and jelly stuff you mix in a cup with ice. I'll get a picture of it for you. Elder Elgan is Awesome. We are having fun out here and working hard, and hard work it is.

I spent 4 hours washing everything I own.
Those pictures are great. I was so happy to get those because their the first time I’ve really gotten pictures from you guys.  More pictures would be fantastic.

I love you, and that package was awesome. Thank you very much.  It took me two days to eat that rabbit.

I’ll see you in a while. :)

Elder Allen

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