Monday, April 2, 2012

Baptisms in Jones

Dear Family,
   This last week we Baptized Nestor Ibarra and May-Ann and Margie Albano.  It was great.
Elder Elgan,Nestor Ibarra, May-Ann and
Margie Albano and me

   It was also great to hear that Ryan’s headed out to Kobe, Japan and Matt is headed to Moscow, Russia.  Those are some tough places to preach the gospel.

   Right now we are trying to move into a new house in Jones.  The house is a thousand times better than the one we are living in now.  Where we are living now is known as 'the cave' among the missionaries. The problem with the new house is that there is only one man building the house by himself, and construction has slowed since an unfortunate accident where he lit himself on fire and ran into a concrete slab breaking his shoulder while on fire.  He’s fine now except for the scars up and down his body and the steel rod sticking out of his should holding his right arm on.  Actually, he is still building the house, and now we’re helping him and teaching him and his wife the lessons.  They seem to be progressing a lot faster than most of our other investigators.

Children are alive in Christ.
   This week is 'Holy Week' it’s a national Holiday so everything shuts down. I’ve heard some pretty crazy stuff happens around here on Easter day.  I will report on that next week... depending on what happens.

I hit 6 months last week. Each 6 month quarter of my mission is marked with General Conference, so next General Conference  will have been out a year.  Cool, right?

I love you all and hope you are all doing alright.

Happy days.

Elder Allen

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