Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Striving for Perfection in Jones


Cute kids from Jones.
A woman said to me this week, "My sister is a Mormon and a returned missionary, but she married a non-member, so now I know the church isn’t true."  So I thought about it and said, “It is important to understand that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect, the people trying to live it aren’t."

We got new desks...
guess which one is mine.
You must know the Gospel before you can judge the Gospel, and you cannot judge the Gospel by the mistakes that men make because the Gospel is of God, the Gospel is perfect and designed to help us become perfect. It takes more than a life-time and the Grace of Jesus Christ to achieve, but you have to start here to achieve it.

Elder Elgan puts a brave face on failure.
My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon so far is Alma 34.  Amulek is teaching the Zoramites about the need for a Redeemer, prayer, faith and works, and to not procrastinate. I strongly encourage everyone to read it.

I sent pictures of some cute little kids from Jones, and Elder Elgan’s culinary humiliation. Elder Elgan tried to make something but it turned out to be just blackened, caramelized, pig fat. Yum. The dogs wouldn’t even eat it.  I also included a picture of some local drink for kids which is shaped like a gun and you drink through the barrel.  Who thought that was a good idea?

I love all of you, and I pray for you as much as you pray for me.

A drink shaped like a gun.
For kids. Seriously
Mahal Kita,

Elder Allen

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