Monday, May 21, 2012

Change is Good. Really.


Before last Wednesday there were 7 zones in the Cauayan Mission; Tugugurao, Roxas, Ilagan, Cauayan, Alica, Santiago, and Nueva Viscaya. Now there are 11 Zones; North Tugegerao, South Tugegurao, Roxas, Burgos, Cauayan, Ilagan, Alicia, North Santiago, South Santiago, Bambang, and Solano. No more Neuva Viscaya, it has been split into Bambang and Solano.

I lost Elder Elgan and gained Elder Lasay. Elder Elgan became the ZL of North Tuguegurao, the hottest place in the mission, but he seems to be loving it up there.

Me and Elder Lasay are trying to help our Branch, but it is hard. We barely broke 30 at church yesterday.

Here’s a day with Elder Allen: It’s super hot all the time, we walk maybe an average of 5-6 miles each day. Right now our branch presidency is having a hard time. They’ve all gone inactive and our attendance to church is dropping. I shower every night with a ladle. You have to sleep with a fan on you on full blast or you wake up in a pool of your own sweat. We wake up occasionally and chase rats and cockroaches out of our bedroom and bathroom. I wake up at 6:30 (if you’re obedient, which I try to be) prepare till 8 then personal study for an hour. Then have comp study for an hour. I continue to study till lunch. Then we eat and start work at about 1. We get chased by dogs, get yelled at, teach a lesson, wade through a swamp, kick a dog, get chased by dogs again, we run through the typhoon-like rains back to the apartment at about 8pm. We make a nightly plan and I write in my journal and study a bit more. Then dinner, shower and go to bed. Crazy day, right?

I’m on the Lord's errand. He never said it would be easy, He said it would be worth it. The Church is True! Tell your Family! Tell your Friends! Tell your Neighbors! Those that accept it fully into their hearts and live by the word of God will receive the promised blessings from the Lord and gain eternal life and happiness no matter how hard life may be.  I only wish someone would open their heart to the truth. I know it to be true with every fiber of my being and every hope of my soul.

Mahal kita! (I love you).
Ingat ka madapa ka. (take care not to fall on your face) ;)

I’m sorry no pictures today, I forgot my camera, but I love you all so much and hope that you are appreciating your lives ;)

Things I need: an exercise mat. (because we can’t touch the floor and that makes it hard to do sit ups.) another towel. (because one isn’t enough to dry off my awesomeness... or one extra would just be nice to have) tooth picks/floss things in a bag. flossing made easy. flossing is hard. Garments- 3 or 4 pairs. Please and thank you. And contact solution.  And skittles and M&Ms of course, cuz they are awesome and there are none here.  Those are just some things I would like, feel free to throw some other surprises in there or whatever.   I just sent a package to you today. Hopefully it will get to you, or that was 2,400+ pesos down the drain for shipping alone!

I love you. love love love love

Elder Allen

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