Monday, February 6, 2012

A Lot of Fellowshippers


It's me.
We went on splits yesterday and had 11 fellowshippers to split between the two of us. Those are the nice church members who want to go out and help the missionaries.  I got 8 and Elder Averion had 4. And I still got more lessons than him!  ha ha.  I don’t like having more than 2 fellowshippers because if you have more, you can’t fit in as many places and you have to keep track of them so everyone always knows where you are headed. Anyway, that’s the only interesting thing that happened this week. Elder Averion was a little sick all week.  But he survived.  Not much at all happened this week.  We are slowly gaining back investigators. Hopefully something interesting will happen this week that I can tell you about next p-day.  I love you all.

Mahal kita,

Elder Allen

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