Monday, February 20, 2012

Zone Conference

The week was slow as usual until Thursday when we had zone conference up in Santiago Zone (about two hours north). It was weird to be in a big city.  And I thought Solano was one of the biggest cities we had. Turns out that Elder James, my companion in the MTC, is in Santiago Zone. We talked for a long time and caught up. It was good to see him. He told me of life in Santiago and I drooled on myself. It’s so interesting how different each experience can be for each missionary in the same mission. 

Heavy rains flooded the road.  The view out our front
gate into the flooded road.
Well, Aritao is the last stop in our mission on the  way to Manilla. There’s actually a bus station here that is sort of the half way point for buses going between Manilla and Cauayan (of course, its only 4 hours to Cauayan from here and about 6-7 to Manila).   So on Friday night at about 10 o’clock, Elders Abitona and Galang showed up at our door. Elder Galang was about to head to Manila by himself and he was dropping Elder Abitona off with us. So we have been a Tri-panionship since then and possibly till next transfer (this Thursday). Elder Galang had an xray of his chest about a week ago, and apparently he was dangerously close to having Tuberculosis.  Sister Carlos told him to hop on the next bus to Manila.  

I’ve been kind of sick too this week, but I refuse to go to the hospital in Manila. 

Me on my way to see the Great I Am.
Like I mentioned before, transfers are this week, it will be interesting to see if James, Nielsen or Proctor are training. 

I will let you know next week if I have been moved or beaten or enlightened. 

I love you all.

-Elder Allen

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