Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Transfer

Me and all my worldly
possessions on transfer day.
I've been transferred to the Alicia Zone, the town of Jones is my area. Way up north from Aritao. But Jones itself is pretty far from Alicia, and closer to Santiago, so we are emailing from Santiago. My new Companion is Elder Elgan.  He is my third companion in my 3 cycles here. Elders Proctor, Nielsen, and James are all on their second companion now, but remained in their first areas. I’m just the special child.  The Jones branch is interesting because there is about a 20 women to 1 man ratio.  Not much priesthood around there.

My old zone, all together.

On Wednesday I took everything I owned and left it with the Bambang elders while we travelled up to Cauayan to hear Elder Liens farewell and say goodbye.  We hung out with him and hopped on the bus headed to Manila and talked to him for a few hours.  We hopped off the bus in Bambang at 11pm, got up the next morning at five to ride back up to Cauayan with all my stuff.  Then I ended up in Jones.  It was all pretty entertaining.  Elder Huffstutler is now my Zone Leader here in Alicia and my companion, Elder Elgan, is the District Leader.

and that was my week…

...until next time. good night, and good luck.
Elders and sisters singing in church. 

Mahal kita,

Elder Allen

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