Monday, January 30, 2012

Work, Serve, Work

Kumusta and how is everybody doing today?
My new scriptures,
custom bound locally.

A few weeks ago we had the area Presidency talk to us about church statistics in the Philippines.  There are about 659,729 members of the church in the Philippines, but only about 114,443 (17%) are active. The good news is that 58% of the members that go to the temple remain active.  So we will change how things are done and shake things up.  We will get more people to the temple.  We are out to do some good.

The school in Bambang where we did service Monday.

We had 15 lessons just yesterday after church to less actives and investigators.  It was a good day.  

Last Monday we did a service project for a school in Bambang.   I got my first sunburn in the Philippines working in the school yard.

Take care of yourselves.  I love you all and I miss you all still.  I can’t wait to get your letters.

Sorry there's not much to talk about again this week.

Mahal kita,
Elder Allen
My first Filipino sunburn.
(Yes, I have sunscreen,
why do you ask?)

My machete is the utensil of choice
for most household tasks.

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