Monday, January 9, 2012

Quiet Week

This where I do my
laundry every Monday.
Kumusta!  I got a package from the Hills yesterday for the twelve days of Christmas.  It was awesome.  I opened it and read them all and everything and then put it all back and am going to try and save it for next year. Christmas trees are highly prized among the missionaries.  I also got a Christmas letter from Sister Petereit and from Sister Pratt (Sister Pratt also sent me fifty bucks!  That’s a lot of money.)

 Transfers are this week. Tomorrow I will learn if I am staying in Aritao and getting a new companion or moving somewhere else. 

Jeepney driver cash register.
This morning we had breakfast at McDo (McDonalds) in Salono with Sister and President Carlos and the APs. They were a great to be around, as usual. 

Nothing really interesting has happened in the past few days, sorry. 

I love you all and still miss you terribly.  This is a great work, and I am anxiously engaged!

Elder Allen 

Elder Deriada on a Jeepney.

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