Monday, January 16, 2012

New Companion!

Me and my new Kasama, Elder Averion
Kumusta!   I spoke yesterday in church after being told on Saturday night at about 9 o’clock.  So I prepared a talk about Jesus Christ as our Chosen Savior and Redeemer.  It might have been okay.

Transfers were last Thursday.  My new companion is Elder Averion.  He is a great guy and I’m learning a lot of new stuff. Elder Lien has been transferred up as a Zone Leader in Cauayan to die (finish his mission).

Elder Averion and me are working hard to try and build up Aritao now. It’s like opening a new a area. I saw all of my batch mates at the Transfer Meeting, which was a nice surprise.

The area seventy (regional church leader) gave a message to all of the Philippines on Saturday night about the statistics around members of the Church in the Philippines. I don’t have those numbers with me now, but next week I’ll share with you some of the news, both exciting and discouraging about the growth of the Gospel in the Philippines.
Church members from the Aritao branch

Hey, mom or dad, will you email me a picture of my first baptism.  Better yet, if you send a letter send that picture in a letter for me.   That would be awesome. Sister Monique, the girl I baptized, wants a copy of that picture and I promised her one before I’m gone. That would be so great.

I’ve thought of some stuff I could use in a package, I don’t expect a package anytime soon though, I know how expensive it is and how long it takes anyway. But for the next package you do send I could use: More Skittles and M&Ms, contacts and contact fluid, and maybe a small towel to carry in my backpack.  Those are just suggestions, nothing I can’t live without.
One of the Internet shops
I use to stay in touch

I love you all so much…

Elder Allen

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