Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday


Sunrise in Baluarte
My new companion is elder Sulla (ryhms with julia). We live in a compound with Elder Phippen, from Salt lake, and he is training Elder Zhang who is from way-north-border-of-Mongolia-forgot-what-its-called China.

Fun facts about china;

1. Its communist.
2. Christian religions are forbidden.
3. Names are backwards. For example, elder Zhangs name is Zhang Jia Feng. the family name is first.
4. There are only about 100 family names in China. That’s why we always hear about Fa's or Chang's, or Li's. There about 3,699,999 people walking around with your same Chinese family name.
5. China is big.

Elder Zhang is the first Chinese missionary in the Philippines Cauayan Mission.

President and sister Carlos left today. But on birthdays, they call you and sing happy birthday and talk to you for a second in the morning. Before they got on a plane today, they somehow found time to call me up and sing happy birthday to me, them and the Rahlfs and the APs and whoever else may have been there. Elder iIagan told me afterwords that it was the saddest song of happy birthday he had ever seen. Sister Carlos told me she would never forget when my birthday was, and president said he would see me sometime in America. Everyone was in tears. You can imagine how the song sounded. It was wonderful.  It made my mission. I feel their love all the time. 

As of yesterday, we have had a new mission president. The Rahlfs from Ohio.  I’m so excited to meet them and get to know them. I wont get to meet them till next week though; we will be one of the last zones to be interviewed.  I love you all.

Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Allen

My new companion Elder Sulla, Elder Zhang, me Elder Phippen

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