Monday, June 11, 2012

Rain Keeps the Jungle Green

Kumusta!   My people of the  US.  How goes life?
We have had some Typhoon type rain in Jones a little this week. It didn’t stop us from working though, we were just very wet.  I’m going to try a new thing, a list of fun things that happened this week.
The jungle near Jones.

We started the week playing football Monday morning in Angadangan for our Preparation Day.
We had a Zone lunch after district meeting this week in Alicia.

We had dinner at the Mission Presidency First Counselor’s house (president Ribuca) on Tuesday night.
On Wednesday we went out into one of our far Areas, Deligan, where tay Libron bragged about his newly acquired scar from his Surgery.
We then walked back to Jones which took about 2 hours. Good exercise.
On Thursday Elder Huffstutler came out to Jones from Echague on splits with me. We made spaghetti and chased some dogs.
On Friday we trudged through the rain. And went to the 63rd birthday party for a very far off member.
On Saturday, we visited the members and invited them to church.
On Sunday, some of the members came to church. A few less actives were there and a woman who had run away from her husband even returned to church.
The man who rings the bell and passes the sacrament at the Catholic Church here in Jones, is a member. He came to church a little late because mass ends at the same time our church starts.

A potential new house for us!

 Although it was a good week, it did not start so well. Elder Forrest, who I met on his first day in the MTC, went home last Tuesday.  An "Honorable Discharge", for medical reasons. We all miss him though. He was the life of the zone. Also the same day, another American Missionary decided to go home. Two less in one day. Also as a side note, the one Filipino who was going home with me at the end my mission was sent home because it turned out he was gay.

So that sums up our week. 

Holding a black lab puppy,
 its very rare to see a  real dog.
I love you all.

Have a great week.

Love,Elder Allen

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