Monday, May 20, 2013

New Area and Companion


My original MTC batch 18 months later. Elders Nielsen
Proctor, James and me. 
I am in a new area with a new companion.  My new area is Baluarte, just south of Santiago.  My new companion is my old friend Elder Proctor who was in my batch in the MTC.

This last week started with a very intresting P-Day. We had a lock-down (meaning we were not allowed to leave our apartments) that started at 12pm and lasted the entire day.  All because of the elections. They get pretty heated.  But it was also the day we get to Skype our families to talk on Mother's Day. So it was a great day to talk to my family for the last time in the mission before I see them face to face.  After Skyping briefly in the morning, we ran around getting a few errands done, and then, since we were locked in our appartmens for a ridiculous amount of time, president allowed us to watch some Disney movies.  Wreck-it-Ralph is awesome. 

This week Elder Proctor and me have been chased by children, dogs, crazy people, members, and girls.  It was a great week. It's interesting how different people act or treat two Americans as opposed to 1 American and 1 Philippino. but me and Elder Proctor are keeping things together here in Santiago North Zone and having a blast. I'm Elder Proctor's first American companion too, so you can imagine the fun we are having. I love you all.

Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Allen

My new companion Elder Proctor and me.  If I look
apprehensive, its because I know him well.

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