Monday, April 15, 2013

20 Questions


I actually got the package you sent on Feb. 2 earlier today!  Elder Needs called and said "Guess what. Your Package is here!" I was so excited.

So we don’t have to worry about that anymore. It cost me 1,575P ($38) personal money though because of the stupid taxes and stuff.  I don’t dare to check my bank account from here because I don’t trust the computers. There are some crazy bugs and viruses.

I love you. Thank you so much for the package. We opened it and immediately threw all the candy in the freezer to harden up. We are going to party later tonight!

Eli, here are some questions that have accumulated, which you can answer if you have time:

Have you felt any earthquakes?
There have been a few earthquakes lately, but I haven’t noticed them.  I just hear about them from others. I don’t know how I miss ‘em.
Elders Ilagan, Needs (in squint mode), Coronel  and me.

Have you eaten dog?
I actually ate dog about two weeks ago, but I forgot to tell you. It’s very interesting. Not actually very meaty but it doesn’t taste very bad. Yum.

Do you still love the fruit?
I still love the fruit. It’s not really much of a fruit season right now though. In the fall is when I get excited about the fruit. I’m afraid that I wont like fruit when I get home. I’ve been spoiled for two years. haha.

What do you have for breakfast? 
For breakfast I usually make a bowl of oatmeal and add some slices of banana. It’s delicious. I’m still skinny though.

Tell us about your new companion.
Elder Volpe is from Cary, NC.  His dad joined the Church when he was 17, just like my dad. And his mom goes back to the pioneers, just like my mom.  He was very homesick when he arrived, like most of us, but he is getting better.

Who is the nicest Filipino you have met?  
The nicest and most impressive Filipino I have met is definitely President Carlos. haha.  But besides him, missionary wise, Elder Ilagan.  People wise, Brother and sister Fernandez (the man that baptized the Gumaru family) and the Gumaru family. I love them.

Do you have access to laundry in Cauauyan?  Or you still doing it by hand?
We actually have a laundry shop here, and we can give them everything but our delicates.  We still wash those by hand.  Way easy... just don’t smell me.

Where would you like to go finish your mission?  
I actually want to go up to the north end of the mission.  Go die in the hotness.  I haven’t been assigned up in the north half of the mission, yet. I’ll be okay if that doesn’t happen though. “I’ll go where you want me to go.”

What was the best training you have had on your mission?
Elder Arden came and gave a super wing-it lesson to a few of us at the mission home one time. It was all about learning by the Spirit... which is what every general authority speaks on, I’ve noticed.

We get to talk to you on Mon, May 13 (your time, Mother's Day our time.) We are terribly excited.
I can’t wait to talk to you all on Mothers Day either.  We'll chat then.

I like it more when there are specific questions to be answered. Feels more like a conversation.

Hope you enjoy this email. ;)

Mahal ko kayo,

I love you All.

Elder Allen

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