Monday, August 13, 2012

Same Area, New Companion

Typical small market.  Note the chicken.  
The eggs are really fresh.

My new companion is Elder Oliva. He is in Elgan’s batch for going home, so he doesn’t have much time left.  This last week I spent a bunch of time with Hamblin and was officially companions with him for one night.  I got to see all those people I like at transfers (like Elder Nay!) and the night before at the farewell. After Elder Sister left the area to me, we have been trying to visit all those places he didn’t like to go. So the work is picking up again as I lead the area. Elder Nielsen and Procter and are training new missionaries and Nielsen was made district leader without his knowledge, so he’s pretty stressed.  

Hey I marked the family scriptures, but I didn’ t write them down. Will you please send me a list of where to find all of our favorite family scriptures?   Thank you.

And you can tell Tanya to just email me if she wants, instead of printing off her family emails and mailing them to me. I would tell her, but I  just don’t have her email.

I also just got a check for fifty dollars from Nana and Grumps. Unfortunately, in the Philippines there’s nothing I can do with it.  What should i do with it?

The flooding in Manila has been very bad, but has not affected us up here.  I was wondering if you had heard about it.

So that’s about it.

Love you all very much. I hope to see you all maybe a year from October and no sooner.

Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Allen
My last district/zone.
Elder Lasay and James two of my old
companions enjoy the back of the bus.

These are the tools you need to
read Talmadge's Jesus the Christ. 

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